Digital Identity

Ends and Means are the two worlds (customer-centric on one side, and large enterprises and government on the other hand) described by Jamie Lewis in the context of digital identity:

The Net must accommodate more than one form of digital identity. Identity is contextual. It has many aspects. Customer-centrism is only one aspect of the digital identity infrastructure we need. So, it stands to reason that the identity infrastructure will be polycentric: flexible, dynamic and capable of pivoting and changing according to the context. We need both the individual, customer-centric identity that Doc asked for and the tools that allow enterprises to do what we, as customers, want them to do, which is play by the rules. And well get the government identities whether we like it or not. Always choose the best tool for the job, and let go of the fantasy that well have one ring to rule them all.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.