Reading 10,000 Weblogs

Anil Dash gives a glimpse of a possible future:

In 2 or 3 years, many of us will be reading 10,000 weblogs. It’s a hard statement to justify literally unless you factor in how sofware and platforms are going to evolve.

I do think that a smart system that knows the people I trust (maybe the same list of 100 that I use now) will be able to follow the network out to the people they trust, and when you get two generations out, you’re easily past 10,000 blogs.

So get the posts from people I care about, plus the relevant comments from the 10,000 people who are within 2 degrees of my blog, and you’ve got my personal MetaFilter, with posts just by people I’m interested in, and comments from only the people who are either trusted by them or me. Only I think I’ll read it in a client like NetNewsWire or NewsGator, not the web browser.

Anil captures very well what I’ve been thinking about but haven’t articulated. A mix of microcontent, blogs, RSS, neighbourhood analysis and content recommendation engines will create the Memex, with persoanlised views and trails.

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Rajesh Jain

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