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Rahul Dave has an interesting idea: “It is said that freedom of the press is only available to those who own one. so lets create the infrastructure for everyone to own one.”

The BlogNN, or Blog News Network is in many ways just the regular blogging network. The additions to it to make a News Network are mostly technical, with an optional central aggregator interface, zero-install support for news item related trackbacks and subscription, Google like targeted and actually useful advertising, audblogging and moblogging. For vertical subjects such as 802.11 for example it wont be very different from traditional subject-interest driven blogging, but for coverage of global history such as this present war, it will represent an explicit news driven blogging financed by us and by Google Adword type advertising, where the advertiser looses power over the medium in return for a more effective advertisement, being read by people who might be actually interested.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.