Weblogs in Education

David Carraher writes:

Student weblogs could allow students to keep track of their thinking over time, to pose issues, to receive comments by others. Imagine a science student expressing how she initially understood heat and temperature, how a particular comment or finding caused her to rethink her ideas. She could link to web sites that were helpful to her, to points made by other students that clarified things. She could keep certain sections private, others open for public discussion, others to discussion by students only.

Teacher weblogs could allow teachers to keep track of their own ideas over time. Certain sections could be open to students, others to teachers, some to both.

Researchers would find a treasure trove of things to study in weblogs and online discussions. They wouldn’t have to physically enter classrooms and disrupt ongoing discussions. Researcher weblogs would let researchers document the evolution of their research over time and to share their thoughts with others.

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