XML’s Growth

Line56.com wonders about XML: “With standards adoption spreading, some wonder if a messaging glut will lead to infrastructure overload.”

the whole idea of business activity monitoring (BAM) and the real-time enterprise is predicated on being able to pick off and interpret XML data in midstream. That’s why the technology, with all its shortcomings, can’t be written off over the long haul. The consensus around XML makes it a coming priority to address as opportunities arise.

As more users are educated on the opportunities that come with real-time information, it could have a tidal wave effect on IT. Planning, says AMR’s Austvold, means thinking through your business segment’s most relevant real-time information needs, counting the current volume of transactions and then multiplying by at least ten. “Proctor & Gamble went through and documented 8,000 touch points between internal applications and estimated that was probably half of what they really had,” Austvold relates. “They see a storm brewing in the next four years but they don’t want to XML tag every piece of information, they’ll pick off the top 10 percent and prioritize that.”

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