Protocols for the Two-Way Web

Dave Winer is giving a talk on May 9. In his abstract, he asks “how can we connect rich editing tools like outliners, word processors and graphics programs with content management systems running on the back end, so that it’s easy for users, and gives them the best tools that we know how to design?”

Dave outlines the 4 key protocols:

1. XML-RPC and SOAP for connecting tools to back-ends.
2. RSS for syndication and aggregation.
3. OPML for hierarchic navigation.
4. The MetaWeblog API to allow tools a way to work with all back-ends.

In fact, this is the topc I am exploring in more detail in my Memex series – not as much for designers, but for all of us in terms of information management.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.