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Fortune writes:

There’s a new kind of growth in Silicon Valley; it benefits customers more than investors. And in the long run it could improve the quality of life and boost productivity and profits in ways that the dot-commers only promised.

Companies like Google and have figured out the new order and are making it work. The key for companies is to think beyond their products–to get in their customers’ doors to help remake their work, their way of doing business, and their industries.

companies that are succeeding today are abandoning the box. The biggest innovations are coming not in hardware but in software and what is loosely called services–everything from outsourcing deals to sophisticated methods for applying old technology in new ways.

“We’re moving from an era of killer apps to an era of killer systems, killer business models, and killer businesses,” says Bruce Harreld, chief strategist at IBM. “Just spending money on IT never creates any value. It’s what you do differently in terms of business processes that matters.”

The article mentions WiFi, VoIP, Linux and Open Source, the new Connectedness, selling Software as a Service, Broadband to the Home and E-Commerce and E-Marketing as the next drivers.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.