Graeme Thickins has a review of The George Gilder/Forbes conference. Much of it is in the form of a collection of quotes by various people. A sample:

“We’re in ‘The Cheap Revolution’ — where Google gets 150 million page views per month from 12,000 cheap, off-the-rack PCs….where Wi-Fi, which costs hardly anything, proliferates, while France Telecom loses $25 billion in a ear….and China graduates many more engineers per year than the U.S., who’ll work for $12,000 per year.” – Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes Magazine

“Digital content — rich media — will grow 700%
by 2006, when it will be a third of all data.” – Sujal Patel, CTO, Isilon Systems

“Managing storage as a service is coming — the analogy is the water utility…The ‘water’ is always available, and is more valuable than the pipes…The ‘bill’ requires what we call ‘chargeback’. No one does that yet, but
it won’t be long.” – Jonathan Martin, Senior Director of Product Planning, Veritas

“The SMB market will be the battleground for iSCSI, NAS, serial attached SCSI, and serial ATA drives.” – Mike Smith, EVP-Worldwide Marketing, Emulex

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