IBM’s DB2 Information Integrator

WSJ writes:

IBM said it expects to unveil this week a new form of database software that can integrate free-form information such as e-mails with traditional structured database information. The product, DB2 Information Integrator, is designed to make it easy to get various types of information without doing separate searches of many different computer systems. For example, IBM said, a corporate salesperson who gets a call from a customer could just type in the customer name and quickly see invoice and payment records, the text of contracts and recent e-mails from the customer. Nelson Mattos, director of IBM’s information integration, said this is the third generation of a project started in 1995. The first products made it possible to get information from various companies’ databases and look at it together; the second generation created a way to deal with unstructured text.

I like the phrase “Information Integrator”.

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