First Rains

One of the joys of Mumbai life is the feeling just after the first rains of the season. Last night, accompanied by thunder and lightning, the monsoon arrived. Officially, it is still a few days away. But there was plenty of rain to bring down the temperature and create joy in one’s heart. The monsoon is an integral part of India’s climate as well as the lives of everyone. This year, there’s been a lot of discussion on rain-water harvesting all around, considering the water scarcity that much of the country faces.

My early childhood memories are of sitting in the window and just watching the heavy rains – go on for hours and hours. There is a magical hypnotic effect that the rains have – I guess one has to have grown up with the rains to feel it! Am looking forward to getting caught unexpectedly in the rains without an umbrella and getting thoroughly drenched – it happens to me every year!

India’s dependency on the monsoon is very high, and the past few years, the rainfall has not been adequate. Let’s hope that this year the rainfall is normal across the country.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.