Two Meg Quotes

Two excellent quotes by Meg Hourihan:

  • The biggest thing I keep stressing, which I think is the fundamental difference: posts vs pages. It’s about posts, chunks of content, not pages, which is what wikis are, and it’s the content that Vignette and Interwoven output. They treat the chunks of content as pages, and they don’t see the more discrete bits that are the posts. (via

  • “The blog is becoming an online identity — who I am, what I do,what my pix are of, who are my friends…Today, you can review a book on your blog and a review on Amazon.It would be better if you could just tell Amazon about the review on your site. More distributed…It would be cool to link recipes/reviews to Epicurious and collaboratively filter that info (people who cooked this, alsocooked this). You get to own your content but connect withothers, retain copyright but still participate in yourdiscussion.” (via Boing Boing)

    The first point Meg makes is the reason we launched blog post search on BlogStreet.

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