Linux in India

Linux Journal (Frederick Noronha) writes about how Linux is making an impact in India giving plenty of examples of its use. A nice quote by Prof Nagarjuna: “Software is like knowledge. The more you sell, your stocks don’t get depleted. Software is not to be treated like a (scarce) commodity. The only business model that follows from here is the service model. Don’t use any technology which you don’t have the rights to repair. Enterprises should have control over what they do.” (Robin Bloor) writes about Linux on the desktop and the growing interest in emerging markets:

Interest in Linux is also exploding elsewhere in the third world from Brazil to the Philippines, so the possibility arises that the Linux desktop will proliferate from the ground up, storming the North American and European markets after establishing economies of scale in the third world.

An IDC market survey made available last week, suggests that Linux is acceptable to only 15 percent of global desktop PC users, but that’s interesting because Linux PCs only account for a few percent of PC sales, so its acceptance looks to be on the increase. Given all of this, our expectation is that the Linux desktop will ‘cross the chasm’ this year, and start to proliferate next year. It is beginning to look unstoppable.


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