Business Blogs and Social Software

Dave Pollard writes: “the key technical elements of Social Networking Enablement (SNE) are business weblogs (the repositories of personal knowledge) and social software (the tools that connect people and mine their knowledge). Following is a high-level specification for commercial development of such software. In organizations with structured work processes (manufacturers, banks etc.) these elements would supplement centralized, filtered knowledge repositories of best practices, policies and methodologies etc. In organizations with primarily unstructured work processes (consultants, engineers etc.) these elements could largely supplant centralized, filtered knowledge repositories and the tools that access them.”

Dave identifies four tools for the enterprise:
– Expertise Finder
– Research Bibliography & Canvassing Tool
– Knowledge Creation Assessment & Biography Tool
– Knowledge Traffic Management Tool
– Debrief Tool

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.