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4 days of non-reading resulted in 1100 items in my Info Aggregator (from July 3-6) – the collective output of some 80+ sites (OPML file). It took me about 60 minutes to do a quick scan of these items (that is about one item every 3 seconds). I would look at the source and subject fields of the items in my mailbox. If it was interesting, I’d keep it, else hit the delete key. (This is something we are all good at thanks to the need to counter the sampes we get.) At the end of the hour, I was left with about 100-odd items for further reading.

I could not have imagined doing so much in so short a time. Previously, I’d have barely made it to 8-10 sites over the hour. That is why I believe the Info Aggregator combined with the fact that it uses the familiar email client interface is a “killer app” for information management, especially microcontent.

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Rajesh Jain

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