Blogs in the Workplace

NYTimes writes:

a growing number of businesses, government organizations and educational institutions are using Web logs to manage and improve the flow of information among employees. These blogs, not accessible to the public, typically allow many people to contribute entries that can be read by others in the organization.

It may be too soon to tell whether the corporate blog will emerge as a genuinely useful tool for business communications or simply another way for bores and blowhards to blather. But a growing circle of adopters swear by their blogs.

The telephone and wireless giant Verizon Communications uses a Web log to collect news and intelligence about the industry and competitors. “We used to spend lots of time e-mailing articles around but not keeping track of them,” said Sean Byrnes, the lead architect on Verizon’s project for Wi-Fi wireless Internet access. His group now consolidates such information in a series of topic-specific blogs.

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