Adding New RSS Feeds

Alternate Title: how the Info Aggregator continues to change my web browsing habits for the better.

Now, when I come across a new site that I like, I first search for its RSS feed. If it is blog, chances are that it may already have one. If it doesn’t, I try to create one using BlogStreet’s RSS Generator. Either way, try and get an RSS feed. Then – and this is the nice part – use the Info Aggregator Bookmark link to add it to my subscriptions. (The Bookmark link for adding subscriptions is available under Preferences once you log in to the Info Aggregator.) Once I’ve added the RSS feed, I don’t have to worry about remembering the URL, bookmarking it or going back to check it every few days for new content – it all comes in my IMAP mailbox.

This is actually making me subscribe to a lot of interesting feeds from people whose blogs I may have never gotten around to visiting on a regular basis earlier. Of course, there is the danger that one will get overloaded with subscriptions and information (I currently am subscribed to 90+ feeds and get about 400+ items a day), but that I can live with – the world of bloggers and the flow of ideas is simply too interesting to miss out on!


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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.