What Linux Needs

Joe Barr writes about the ten things Linux needs now, on the basis of an unscientific poll:

1. Applications
2. Ease of use
3. OS preloaded with desktop hardware
4, 5. Drivers and Games
6. Name recognition
7. Easier installation of applications
8. Better Microsoft Office file filters
9. Better documentation
10. Hot plug-and-play

Joe’s conclusions:

The list holds three surprises for me. First, I was surprised to see preloads ranked so high. I think that’s a very astute observation. It’s also very un-geeky. Maybe that’s why it surprised me. Ditto for the awareness shown by the respondents of the value of name recognition. It’s interesting to me that both of those are of the “rising tide lifts all boats” variety.

My biggest surprise came when I thought about what is not on the list. The great anti-Linux mantra is gone. It has disappeared. Not one of the more than 60 responses mentioned a need for easier installation of the operating system. Kudos to everyone who helped to make that happen. Let’s hope the same thing happens to all the critical needs on the list.

Finally, I think it is worth pointing out that almost all of the items on the list are focused on Linux as a desktop platform rather than simply as a server. In this pundit’s very humble opinion, the “not ready for the desktop” mantra will be the next one to disappear.


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