A Distributed, Human-edited Blogsearch

Gary Lawrence Murphy writes:

The trick is to make it painlessly easy to rank your personal aggregated RSS items. Either explicitly or through your actions, you give it a weight, maybe by re-ordering and pruning your aggregated list, maybe by some side-bar metric slider control (need some R&D), whatever. Then your new RSS (plural) is picked up by friends who (in varying degrees, perhaps also statistically tracked and rated) respect your ability to sift the web — they’d link to your RSS, and in a recursive RSS fashion, they’d also be rating you and exporting their RSS list of recommenders. Since each input has a rank, the aggregator making sense of it all could do a far better job of weeding the chaff and rounding up the usual suspects.

If you play nice (include the namespace for item ranking), then we have the makings of a real-time human-edited relevance and reputation ranked search engine across blogspace.

Making it so easy people would actually do the rankings, aye there’s the rub. It has to be as easy and convenient as adding a bookmark.

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Rajesh Jain

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