Private RSS Feeds

From Silverorange: “Weve been experimenting with security options for RSS feeds for our intranet product. However, we found that there werent many resources or guidelines for how encryption or authentification should be handled (either in feeds or in readers/aggregators). I did some testing and came up with the following results for HTTPS/SSL encryption and HTTP Authentification in various RSS readers…”

Roland Tango: “I see two futures: one where everybody has their own domain and own SSL certificate (not likely IMHO) or another world where a secure solution that is less lightweight is prevalent. The present situation where RSS feeds are not secure and not encrypted in some way is a temporary one in my opinion.”

Private RSS feeds are going to be quite important as RSS becomes one of the primary ways of publishing information. Publishers may want to restrict access to their feeds – this is where private RSS feeds come in.

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Rajesh Jain

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