Browser of the Future

Richard Tallent writes:

  • (IE) WinForms.NET support hosted directly in the browser, integrated with scripting languages. Fixed layout will be possible, so form elements, though on the canvas, become part of the application chrome without hacks like .

  • (Mozilla) XUL does the same thing. Someone will write a translation layer between WinForms and XUL. Mozilla still has two advantages: skins and speed.

  • (IE) Browser-side Javascript and VBScript are augmented with the browser natively hosting any CLR-targeted language, with full DOM access. This is not the same thing as current .NET methods for downloading and running WinForms apps from the browser.

  • (Mozilla) Mono is tacked on to provide similar functionality.

  • (Someone) Bookmarks/favorites replaced with a database that automatically sorts, files (in multiple categories), and retrieves links, offers related links, handles broken links, and adds location independence through web services (like the wonderful, transparent bookmark synchronization software/service offered by SyncIt.

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    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.