KeepMedia for Online Archives

WSJ reports about the new venture of Louis Borders, who had earlier founded Webvan:

Mr. Borders has formed KeepMedia Inc., an online newsstand that will make years of back issues of more than 140 magazines, including everything from the Economist to Esquire to Mother Jones, available through the Web. Users will be able to download and save as many of the articles as they like for a flat monthly fee of $4.95, much lower than for most similar services. To avoid hurting sales of the print magazines, KeepMedia won’t let users obtain current issues until they leave newsstands, unless those users are subscribers to the print versions of the magazines.

Interesting – I’d like to take a look at it. Though this may also mean that the current free online archives of many magazines may start disappearning. Guess we are having to a “pay more” world!

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