Microcontent and Metadata trends

Joi Ito has a very nice summarisation of the emerging world. Key trends:
– Context instead of content
– Networked consumer electronics devices will make PCs less relevant
– New open standards for micro-content and metadata
– Multimedia

His take on the cutting edge: “Audio blogging (Audblog), mobile picture blogging with location information (Tokyo Tidbits), personal information and information about your friends in web pages (FOAF), machine readable copyright notices allowing micro-content aggregation and sharing (Creative Commons), Amazon book information and affiliate information embedded in blogging tools ( TypePad ), convergence of email and micro-content syndication (Newsgator), searching for micro-content based on context (Technorati)”.

It is a good view of the trends that we are seeing around us. There’s plenty of new things happening for us entrepreneurs to be looking at. We have two initiatives in areas mentioned above: Info Aggregator (convergence of email and micro-content syndication) and BlogStreet (blog search and neighbourhood analysis).

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Rajesh Jain

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