Mozilla Roadmap

O’Reilly Network writes:

The biggest news in the roadmap update is that intends to stop development of the application suite it currently produces in favor of stand-alone applications. When Netscape created the Mozilla open source community, it released the code for its Communicator browser suite, which included a web browser, a mail and news client, an HTML editor, and an address book. Over the past five years the community has rewritten the code base and has added many new features and other applications to the suite. The community itself has changed over this time and producing a single monolithic set of applications is no longer its main goal.

In place of the browser suite, development will focus on a stand-alone Mozilla Browser (based on the Mozilla Firebird project, formerly called “Project Phoenix”) and a Mozilla Mail application (based on the Thunderbird project, formerly called “Project Minotaur”). Both of these applications represent a second generation of Mozilla application development. For a short period, the first generation application suite will be worked on in parallel with these new applications, but development will switch focus to Mozilla Browser and Mozilla Mail once it has been decided that the transition to the new projects has been completed.

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