Three Weblogs

Chad Dickerson writes about his three weblogs:

My first Weblog is the public one (you can read it at 93). In this space, I use Radio Userland to post my thoughts on a number of issues, knowing that anyone can read what I write and offer comments, either via e-mail or personal Weblogs. Anyone can subscribe to the RSS feed, which means I get useful feedback from people I have never met.

Not everything I deal with on a daily basis can be distributed publicly, but there is still information that needs to be disseminated regularly and made available to a group on an ongoing basis. This leads to my second Weblog, which isn’t actually a Weblog per se — it’s a Groove discussion for members of InfoWorld’s technology department. It functions essentially as a group Weblog (in fact, Tim Knip’s Groove Interop Tool for Radio can make it officially a Weblog).

My third and final Weblog functions more as a private information manager used and read only by me, a series of not-ready-for-prime-time “notes to self” about personal and professional interests. It’s a scratch pad for ideas that I don’t want others to comment on, if only because I don’t want to be constrained by having to write sentences that make sense to the larger world.

He adds: “The flow of RSS content into my newsreader each day has become as important to my personal information flow as e-mail.” I completely echo this.

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