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Vikas Kamat writes on the requirements of a knowledge management solution, based around blogs:

A K-Log system must have categorization — this can be human specified (like in Movable-Type), or automated via a content classification engine (CCE).

Full-text search is also essential to dissimilate the knowledge.

Chronological organization of posts is quite useless in a K-Log. Rather, organization by importance (most important), relevancy (post popular), author, and whether peer-reviewed or not, are more important.

At all the installations, the customers asked a search by Last-Updated feature. This tells many things (more below)

Knowledge is not equal — some posts must be available only to some eyes.

As absurd as it might sound, nicely printing the blog post is very important. I have seen executives go to meetings with thick stack of blog printouts!

Would to good to take a look at Vikas’ SimplyBlog software.

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