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SJ Mercury News writes about how phone companies in the US are being left out of the loop:

Largely as a result of readily available broadband Internet connections and low-cost telephone appliances that attach to any home computer network, it is now possible to use VoIP to make phone calls to any phone number in the world using the trusty traditional handset, even a cordless one. What’s more, VoIP service comes with features the traditional telephone companies are not even able to offer and at costs that are a fraction of the typical residential phone bill.

Those features include advanced voice-mail management, individual call-handling methods configured over the Internet, and sophisticated call-blocking schemes.

And, if you move, whether to another area code or another country, VoIP allows you to take your phone number with you.

“There is no doubt that this is nothing short of a revolution in telecom,” says Ravi Sakaria, president and chief executive of VoicePulse, a New Jersey company offering the new service. “It’s not just a viable technology; it’s the direction all of telecom is going in.”

I am wondering what will happen to the various Indian telcos who are investing hundreds of millions in telecom. Why don’t they just use VoIP? I am sure they are legal and regulatory issues here, but technology tends to overcome all hurdles.


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