Is HP the new Apple?

This is a question discussed by David Kirkpatrick (Fortune) followinf HP’s launch of 158 new products earlier in the week.

HP, said CEO Carly Fiorina, didnt merely want to “think different,” in an allusion to Apples marketing slogan, but to “rethink everything.”

“Simple integrated technology not for the geeksfor the masses.” Thats how Fiorina described the mission of Hewlett-Packard in my interview with her shortly after the companys presentation. She argued that this giant consumer launch, to be supported by a $300 million marketing campaign this fall, fits in clearly with an overall company strategy. “In September 2001 when we announced our merger with Compaq, I said customers arent interested in stand-alone boxes or killer apps anymore,” she said. “They want it all to work better.” She said [the] announcement was about making it all work better in the home, just as HPs “adaptive enterprise” strategy for business customers aims to make tech work together better there. “The theme of simplifying and integrating is common in every market we serve.”

The new mantra in technology seems to be Simplification and Integration.

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Rajesh Jain

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