Radixs to Run ‘Em All

News.com writes about Singapore-based Radixs, which says it has “created created an operating system that can run programs that are written for Windows, Linux and Palm.”

The MXI OS apparently allows a computer to run programs that are written for the Windows, Linux or Palm operating systems. Radixs asserts that MXI performs a sophisticated form of emulation that enables the nonnative program to perform as smoothly and quickly as it would on its native OS.

Radixs asserts, MXI is itself an operating system, not a “virtual environment” within a mainstream operating system. In addition, the company said, MXI allows programs that are written for several other platforms to be run within it, rather than just one.

Radixs’ focus seems to be on mobile services. Am wondering if we can use it in our thin client-thick server context.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.