Intel Personal Server

Linux Devices has a story on Intel’s Personal Server research:

Smaller than PDA-class devices and without traditional input/output (I/O) capabilities such as a keyboard or display, the Intel Personal Server concept prototype links wirelessly to existing infrastructure to provide ubiquitous access to personal information and applications. With a focus on miniaturization, Personal Server technology could also integrate into a PDA or cellular phone, extending the capabilities of current consumer electronic devices.

The Personal Server concept would enable any computer with a small amount of additional software installed, to perform as if it were the user’s own computer. The local computing infrastructure will support the Personal Server not only by providing a display and keyboard, but also by enabling access to other local resources such as printers, the Internet, and high-performance desktop processing.

I wish they’d spend as much time and effort creating cheaper thin clients. This is a topic I am covering in my Tech Talk series on how to open up the next billion people to the magic of computing and the Internet.

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