Cellphones and Gaming

Wired News writes about the new generation of cellphones which are now being equipped with video games.

Games have become an integral part of mobile culture. Those games, though, will soon be supercharged. On the opening day of the Austin Game Conference, a two-day confab of online game developers, discussions turned to the new spate of handheld devices that combine mobile gaming and cell phone capabilities that will enable people to play full-color, three-dimensional, multiplayer games over cell phone networks.

the next generation of mobile games will have to provide people with the ability to not only stay connected with their friends, but also interact with their virtual worlds.

That is the brave, new world of mobile culture. “The phone is morphing into something new, ” said Eric Goldberg, managing director of Crossover Technologies. “It’s quickly becoming a lifestyle device.”

Nokia’s foray into this space is N-Gage, which releases on October 7. It is “equal parts cell phone, MP3 player and game device…The device lets users connect with Nokia’s Arena network, a centralized database that will eventually allow N-Gage players anywhere in the world to compete against each other.”

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