Solution Accelerators

Microsoft Watch writes about an interesting idea: “Solution Accelerators are a collection of methodologies, blueprints and other services aimed at customizing one or more Microsoft products for a particular vertical or horizontal audience. While Solution Accelerators are built with partners in mind, customers are also able to obtain and make use of them on their own…Microsoft officials claim the accelerators will allow companies to increase productivity, shorten business cycles, streamline business processes and eventually lower the overall cost of doing business.”

Adds “The first seven products from the Accelerator Program will focus on specific business segments and tasks: sales proposals, personnel recruiting, quality-management projects for Six Sigma (an efficiency theory made popular by General Electric), financial reports, compliance projects for new Sarbanes-Oxley Act accounting rules, business scorecards and financial scenarios.”

Joe Wilcox (Jupiter) has a point of view on this.

We should look at something similar for OpenOffice.

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