US Anti-Free-Trade Movement

The outsourcing backlash is rising. WSJ reports that “a new anti-free-trade movement is emerging in the U.S., comprising highly skilled workers who once figured they would be big winners in the globalized economy but now see their white-collar jobs moving overseas in growing numbers.”

The new free-trade opponents include design engineers, skilled machinists, information-technology experts, and chief executives of specialized manufacturing concerns, among others. They long believed they were largely protected from foreign competition because of their advanced degrees, English language skills and the supposed necessity of dealing face-to-face with customers. But now they worry their jobs are at risk.

At the focus of their ire are big U.S. companies that have shifted business to China and India, which are becoming increasingly successful at nabbing service, information technology and high-end manufacturing work that until recently have been the preserve of U.S. firms. Companies seeking to lower their costs have either moved operations abroad or have contracted with foreign companies to supply essential services.

A message to Indians in the US: think about returning to India. The opportunities are there, the country is finally beginning to move ahead on many fronts. This winter, make a trip to India and travel to some of the cities and towns and see the changes.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.