We have launched RSS2Mobile as part of the growing set of RSS-related services on BlogStreet. RSS2Mobile is an RSS-to-WML service. It lets you read a RSS feed in your WAP enabled mobile. Benefits: read your favourite blog on the go, read any RSS feed, and no software download.

I think services like these will make digital wireless devices (PDAs, GPRS cellphones / smartphones) more valuable, especially when they can start connecting with enterprise data. RSS is the connecting glue.

One of the ideas we had after seeing this service was to integrate this with the Info Aggregator and Events Horizon software that we have developed. The Events Horizon module generates RSS from any ODBC-compliant database through automated SQL queries, and the Info Aggregator provides RSS to IMAP. Now, all that the cellphone has to do is support IMAP. If that happens, then the Info Aggregator mailbox can be the repository for two types of feeds:
– enterprise events delivered through the Events Horizon-Info Aggregator “info refinery”
– external (Web-based) feeds from news sites and blogs directly via the Info Aggregator

An IMAP2Mobile service could then provide access to the centralised store of the RSS feeds – which would always be in sync because of IMAP. So, I can access this from an email client, via a Web-based interface or via a cellphone.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.