Technology for Greater Good

San Jose Mercury News writes about the winners of the Tech Musuem Awards:

Brij Kothari’s idea — stripping subtitles along the bottom of popular Bollywood Indian music videos — was enough to earn him a nomination for the third annual Tech Museum Awards. Research has suggested that the Hindi-subtitled music videos improve the reading skills of barely literate viewers.

“Technology’s not just about smaller, better, faster,” said Peter Giles, chief executive of the Tech Museum of Innovation. “It’s about the impact it can have in making life better.”

This year’s five winners included a low-cost satellite radio that is bringing socially conscious messages to Nepal, a program that trains local videographers across the globe to document human rights abuses, and a wire bridge that allows people in the Himalayan foothills to travel more safely. Each winner receives $50,000.

Additional details are at the awards website.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.