RSS for Enterprises

David Galbraith writes:

Phil Wainewright has a very thorough and thoughtful piece on Loosely Coupled. Phil looks at Webmethods’ recent acquisitions within the broader context of what happens when enterprise software all starts to communicate through standardized web services based API’s, rendering a whole industry (EAI) obsolete.

Its an interesting mirror of what is happening at a grass roots level with syndicated content and standardized API’s for weblog style publishing systems. RSS aggregators beware – the future is not in aggregating or aggregation tools, but services building value-add on top.

The last sentence needs some further thinking. Content is seeing the power of RSS, while enterprises are still largely untouched by it. That is the next opportunity – and I think it will first manifest itself in SMEs because they have little or no legacy. Imagine enterprise events syndicated via RSS, and delivered to cellphones via RSS2Mobile to create the underpinnings of the real-time enterprise.

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