Darmouth College as Harbinger

VentureBlog writes about the emerging technology landscape, as seen through the Dartmouth College lens:

– Instant Messenger for voice will emerge
– Portable devices completely dominate
– Voice is just an app
– Location based services emerge
– Newspapers have zero value
– People can multi-task too
– Bandwidth matters!

Conclusion: “The wireless revolution is possibly over-hyped, but don’t tell that to the good folks at Dartmouth. They have gained wireless ubiquity, and are completely re-thinking how they use cellphones, PDAs, computers, newspapers, instant messenger, printers, power outlets, and most importantly, their time.”

We in India have to learn from these experiments and demonstrations, and think about building these into our work and personal environments. Operation Leapfrog!


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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.