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I wrote about Amazon’s new Search feature yesterday. Reading this by Jon Udell – “I own a copy of Tesla: Man Out of Time. The other day, I was mentioning to someone that, according to that book, some of Nikola Tesla’s writings are still classified. This query finds the passage I was remembering. Awesome! Now the physical book I bought from Amazon is more valuable to me. Its printed index has been augmented by a vastly more capable online index.” – made me wonder: supposing I can upload the list of my books to Amazon, and ask it to search that restricted set. What I own is valuable. This way, it becomes even more so because I can search the hard copy books like I search the Web. My books are already a filter, being able to search them would be a great add-on, and increase Amazon’s importance in my life even more.

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Rajesh Jain

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