The Power of Ideas

Atanu Dey writes about the unspoken (or perhaps, hidden) reason why I blog, and offers a message for all of us:

Rajesh Jain recognized the positive externality of his Emergic Blog intuitively. He therefore puts his best ideas there. Each day that blog has around a thousand visitors. They all gain from his fine presentation. But eventually, in ways completely unforeseen, he reaps an even richer harvest of new ideas that develop through his interactions with other minds on the web.

Ideas matter. Ideas are primary. Ideas are the ultimate public good in that they are totally non-rival: my use of an idea does not diminish your capacity to use it as well. Ideas can pass from one human mind to another and set up a chain reaction that has the power to transform the world. Everything that you see around you — the good, the bad, the ugly — everything was just an idea in some mind.

How to harness the power of ideas for the social good is the challenge that we have to undertake.

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Rajesh Jain

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