Visualising Information

Phil Wolff points to DiceLared – the site seems to be in Spanish, but the graphics are cool! Adds Phil:

DiceLaRed creatively blends news crawling + lexical analysis + data mining + data visualization + customization + alerting.

Apply this to your customers’ weblogs, your industry magazines, and local newspapers for an environmental scan.

Apply this to job board postings. Understand labor market demand across the usual dimensions. Then stretch to discover new buzzwords and “terms of art”. Can you say competitive analysis? How about strategic recruiting?

Apply this to medical discussion boards. Look for spikes in conversation about symptoms to detect outbreaks and public health problems. Look for swings in interest to retarget investment in health education and social programs.

Apply this to your citizenry, to understand what political issues are emerging in importance, and with whom, in real time.

We are much closer to a dashboard that helps us understand and respond, sooner and with more precision.

Good informaiton visualisation tools can make such a difference – and yet we so little of them.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.