Process Management Portals

Intelligent Enterprise about how the traditional enterprise information portal is morphing to one driven by the enterprise processes:

many businesses have turned their attention to a new change-management and systems-implementation methodology called process management (PM distinguished from business performance management, or BPM). PM lets you view enterprise systems through the lens of business processes rather than as disjointed computer applications providing the visibility, flexibility, and responsiveness necessary to manage the business optimally.

From these two trends has arisen the concept of PM/portal hybrid applications (otherwise known as PM portals). As an ideal, PM portals offer the unified information access and dissemination services of portals while integrating the deeper analytic and low-level decision-support power of PM concepts and business performance measurement tools such as the Balanced Scorecard, Robert Saaty’s Analytic Hierarchy Process, business process modeling, and strategic benchmark mapping.

Whereas the typical EIP implementation is “pure BI” focusing on data warehousing with seamless access to online analytic processing applications the PM portal goes beyond analysis and reporting. A PM portal closes the loop between heterogeneous information sources, operational and decision-support systems, and the information delivery infrastructure in order to optimally manage business processes. BI components must be tightly integrated into a mixture of other components such as groupware applications for communications and workflow, and enterprisewide messaging infrastructure (such as JMS platforms) for engineering enterprise integration capabilities.

These are points to keep in mind both for the Digital Dashboard and the Visual Biz-ic development that we are doing.

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