Blogs Future

Two comments to ponder over:

Dave Winer: “Weblog software is going to be like mail servers. Lots of ways to deploy, every niche filled. For the masses, services like Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Blogging servers for corporations, inside and outside of the firewall. For schools, for the military, specialized systems for lawyers, librarians, professors, reporters, magazines, daily newspapers. The next President will have a blog. Writing for the Web, the prevailing form of publishing in the early 21st Century, will come in many sizes and shapes, flavors and styles. It won’t be one-size-fits-all. Open formats and protocols will make this possible. I’d bet on the formats and protocols we’re using now, RSS 2.0, OPML and the Blogger API.”

Marc Canter: “Writing for the Web to ‘normal’ people will mean the three R’s: Resumes, Recipes and Reviews. And Calendar Events as well. For THESE new kind of micro-content stdnards to evolve, we need more than just token statements about ‘open formats and protocols’…RVW and ENT are all examples of SPECIFIC open formats and protocols.”

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