The Next PC Era

Newsweek asks if we are in the twilight of the PC era, and concludes that “more chip power and connectivity might produce the biggest changes yet.”

what are the emerging innovations? Some of them dont really sound earth-shattering, but they get CIOs excited: Web services that promise to speed the information flow through a company and eliminate delays in the supply chain. (Well leave the details to CIO magazine.) One new technology promises to send shock waves through corporate America and eventually alter the lives of consumers: radio-frequency identification, or RFID. The ability to put very cheap sensors on products and track them from manufacture to the consumerand eventually tag all items so people can keep track of their stuffwill cause a lot of changes.

Another compelling development is search technologythe success of Google shows that a business can be built on the ability to instantly locate information. As more and more data are warehoused in cheap storage devices, software to mine them will change not only the way businesses work, but the way we learn, archive and remember.

Another article which completely ignores the world outside the developed countries. The emerging markets are the next opportunities for the PCs – but at very different price points.

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Rajesh Jain

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