TIME’s Person of the Year: The American Soldier

I look forward to TIME’s selection every year. I had thought that they would pick Bush and Saddam this year. Here is their selection. “They swept across Iraq and conquered it in 21 days. They stand guard on streets pot-holed with skepticism and rancor. They caught Saddam Hussein. They are the face of America, its might and good will, in a region unused to democracy. The U.S. G.I. is TIME’s Person of the Year.”

Just in case one is interested, the complete list since 1927 is available. As a quick recap, here are the winners for the past 10 years:

2002: The Whistle-Blowers (Cynthia Cooper, Coleen Rowley, Sherron Watkins)
2001: Rudy Giuliani
2000: George Bush
1999: Jeff Bezos
1998: Bill Clinton/Kenneth Starr
1997: Andy Grove
1996: David Ho (AIDS researcher who pioneered treatment for deadly disease)
1995: Newt Gingrich
1994: John Paul II
1993: The Peacemakers (Mandela, De Klerk, Rabin and Arafat)

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