5 Ideas for 2004

[via Lawrence Lee] Good Experience offers five ideas to ponder over:

1. Organization is the hardest part of user experience work. How do you work within the organization to get the change made?

2. The big picture is the only picture. Many widely-used user experience methods ignore the big picture in favor of tiny, tactical details.

3. Experience is bigger than Web usability. The key here is to understand that what you do at work – whether you’re a marketer, designer, manager, usability practitioner, or anything else – concerns just a tiny piece of what experience actually is.

4. Blogs are just content management systems.

5. Managing one’s bits is an increasingly essential skill. We deal with more and more incoming bits every day – and not just spam mail. Bit literacy is the ability to manage it all and still be effective.

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Rajesh Jain

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