Robert Scoble points to Kinzan, which “lets developers build apps quickly with no code. All in Java. Uses Model-View-Controller methodology.” It will also work with .Net soon From the company website: “Kinzan applications are broken down into pages and components that are then wired together along with back-end services into a complete, flexible application. Kinzan Studio is the tool used by developers to assemble an application. It functions as a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE, providing a visual, drag and drop methodology. Kinzan Server is the corresponding runtime engine that supports leading web servers and application servers. Included with Kinzan Studio & Server is a component library that accelerates solution development by providing re-usable components for generic tasks such as displaying data as well as domain specific areas such as compensation management.”

This is something we should look at closely for our Visual Biz-ic development.

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Rajesh Jain

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