Entrepreneurial Challenges

StartupJournal provides snapshots of five entrepreneurs who went through challenging times, sourced from a book “Lessons From The Edge”. The book “addresses all of the major challenges that entrepreneurs face, many of the stories provide insights about what their entrepreneurial experiences taught them about themselves and their personal growth.” A few questions which entrepreneurs need to think and answer:

  • Have you figured out your priorities in life? How much time do you save for yourself, your family and your community responsibilities?

  • Do you understand the stress that your choice to be an entrepreneur and a CEO creates for your family and loved ones?

  • Do you take “time out” to reflect on your business failures and edge experiences?

  • What have your business failures and edge experiences taught you about yourself, your behaviors, your strengths and weaknesses? Have you taken the time to learn from those experiences?

  • When you succeed, do you remember all the people who helped you succeed — and help them be successful?

    As co-author Jana Mthews puts it: “As entrepreneurs, we are constantly being tested. Sometimes we succeed; sometimes we fail. But it’s our ability to learn from our experiences that enables us to grow and develop as leaders of growth companies.”

  • Published by

    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.