PDA Docking Station from Synosphere

Brighthand writes about Synosphere which has just launched Blue Dock, a docking station to allow a handheld to function as a desktop computer:

Once a handheld has been placed in the Blue Dock, the user will be able to create, modify, and edit data on a full sized monitor using a full size keyboard and mouse. Users will have access to email, the Web, and network resources — including file servers, printers, and other shared workstations.

The dock includes two PS2 ports, an SVGA port, and an Ethernet port. Additional data storage is provided through an SD card slot.

The company expects to have it on the market during the fourth quarter of this year for about $250.

I have wondered about this often: get an old Palm for USD 30-40, build a docking station (question: can this be done real cheap – for USD 10-20 or so), and make it into a thin client running vnc. There are plenty of old Palms (and other PDAs) in the world to make this an interesting possibility.

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