Green Money

Suhit Anantula has a series [1 2 3 4] on Money and alternative, community currencies in a series entitled “Green Money.” Writes Suhit: “The most important aspect of money and the more fundamental aspect is its usage as a medium of exchange. We have seen many examples of alternate currencies among closed groups already. Common examples can be ‘frequent flyer miles’ or Sodexho food coupons. These function as nothing but a medium of exchange. What was needed was a set of individuals/institutions who issued it (Airlines, hotels etc.), another set of individuals/insitutions who earned it (passengers) and a third set who accepted it (participating airlines, hotels). Its value increases if the closed group of issuers, earners, accepters was increased…A combination of a issuer, earner and acceptor is sufficient for creating a new currency.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.