Convergence 2.0

Om Malik points to a post by Christian Lindholm on some lessons from Cebit:

1. It is getting possible to build the life recorder: Integrating voice, image, video and text is becoming possible in an uncompromised form factor known to the broad audience as a mobile phone.

2. The Laptop is becoming a personal communications tool: The integration of Wi-Fi totally changes to nature of a laptop. Laptops are now powerful enough and small enough to really become communications tools.

3. The Home server, rebranded as an entertainment center is the future of the Home PC: Intel was showing off the “Kessler” concept which integrated PC, Wi-Fi, RAID and lots of other technology I still do not understand, but it left a permanent impression on me.

Om calls it Convergence 2.0 and Marc Canter calls it Digital Lifestyle Aggregation. It is also part of the vision of Dana Blankenhorn’s Always-On World.

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