Offshoring ran a 4-part series on offshoring this week:

  • U.S. needs reforms, not rhetoric: Government officials, business leaders and academics agree that the future of America’s technology complex depends on education, professional training and research investment.

  • Companies guarding ‘secret sauce’: Although many U.S. technology businesses are contracting or considering some form of foreign outsourcing, they are adamant about keeping intellectual property at home–for now.

  • How India is handling backlash: In stark contrast to the heated reaction among many U.S. workers, the country that is most associated with offshoring is both subdued and puzzled by the opposition that has arisen.

  • The next technology battlefields: Rather than trying to reverse the outsourcing wave, the best way for America to fend off foreign competition is to invent technologies that will drive a new industrial cycle.

  • Published by

    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.